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Proposal Writing Basics - How To Write A Proposal

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Learning to spell is built on a child's understanding that words are made up of separate speech sounds (phonemes) and that letters represent those sounds.

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For example, in an essay about the importance of airbags in cars, the introduction might start with some information about car accidents and survival rates. It might also have a grabber about someone who survived a terrible accident because of an airbag. The thesis would briefly state the main reasons for recommending airbags, and each reason would be discussed in the main body of the essay.

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Here's the way my story began in a published article, "I slapped the snooze alarm for the third time and finally opened my eyes at Chi Phi, my fraternity house. Last night had been a late one. After covering an evening speech and inter-view for the school paper, I worked frantically on the story until just before midnight, when I dropped it into the hands of a waiting editor."

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An article or query may be rejected for many different reasons. Maybe the publication has already purchased an article on that topic. Maybe they've recently assigned it to another author. Maybe they have an article on that topic coming in an issue which is already in production but not printed. There are many different reasons for rejection which are out of your control as a writer.

By using bullet lists, you can often take large paragraphs and break them down in a more readable fashion. Bullet lists are easier for readers to absorb and it’s more likely that they will take the time to read a bullet list. You can often convey the same information, but in bullet list format. Furthermore, important points or summaries often benefit from the use of bullet lists.

This is a variation of the key words approach to story writing. Read your lead and then count the number of words you use before you reach the one word that is strong and essential and cannot be thrown away. This is very often the news point. If you go beyond three or four words before reaching that “must have” word then stop and rewrite. You should be hitting strong, essential words very quickly after you start to read the first sentence.

The packaging slug should quickly describe the story in one or two words. A good story slug catches the eye, and should provide a strong pointer to what should appear in your headline and in your first paragraph.

Good sources and well-defined sourcing help to protect the integrity of the file and protect journalists against legal dangers (see The essentials of Reuters sourcing ).

Organize them with several months from the same publication. Then study the contents. What types of articles do they publish? How-to articles? Personal Experience? For example, at Decision almost every article is a first-person, personal experience story. If you send them a how-to article which is not written in the first person, you are asking for rejection. Or if you write a story about someone else in the third-person, you will again invite rejection.

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