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While, it would be best if the democratic power structures themselves work to create a society that promotes democracy and ensures its proper functioning, real world is rarely utopian. It therefore falls on the shoulders of the social movement to complete the job that democracy has left incomplete. Revolutions might provide a temporary respite and may pave the conditions for strengthening of the social movements, but eventually it is the evolutionary change brought about by social movements that can crystallize and give a robust, flexible and tolerant society in which the ethos of democracy can be rooted, not only in letter but also in spirit!

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Having reflected for some time, the best arguments I can see against gay marriage are very speculative and long-term, and even if applicable there are countervailing factors. Asserting that there are excellent ones readily available, without a hint, is obnoxious.

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If there is so much anger at things Muslims have done, why are they so silent about it? Where are the demonstrations in the street? Are you reviving Nixon 8767 s idea of a silent majority, but blues in this case?

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I also tried to avoid criticisms that are things people can 8767 t really help or are trying to change. For example I could have written that rationalists have poor social skills, but I didn 8767 t because unlike most nerds rationalists tend to consider this a failure on their part and something that should be changed, so it hardly seems fair to criticize them for that. I tried to limit my criticisms to failures of understanding or wrong-headed attitudes.

Britain is still about 85% white, more if we count the Irish and eastern European immigrants like Poles. Until recently, most of our immigrants, even those from the commonwealth have been selected for intelligence, conscientiousness and so on which has enabled them to assimilate relatively well into society. Large urban ghettoes of under-performing minorities of the sort that fan racial-grievance politics and require affirmative action are quite a recent invention, only going back a few decades at most, and only then in the largest cities such as Birmingham and London.

Of course, I know this isn 8767 t true for other people, and that some people actually commit suicide over the net. I guess I feel that it is normatively correct for people who use the internet as a social platform beyond facebook to grow a thick skin?

To understand this questions, let me cite a small story of a 65 year old boy named raju ,an orphan and an illiterate who used to work in my office by serving tea to the employees. The employees used to give the little boy a token amount of few 655 bugs every month but that did not make the boy leave the profession he was into.

I 8767 m also in favor of heavy banning of instapunders or wherever they come from, despite being a borderline HBD/Reactionary myself. Comments like that is why I stopped reading HBD blogs (well, that and the tendency to analyze everything through the same lense).

There were a bunch of posts saying 8775 I of course support gay marriage but here are some reasons some other people might be against it, 8776 a bunch of others saying 8775 my argument against gay marriage is the government shouldn 8767 t be involved in the marriage business at all 8776 , and several more saying 8775 why would you even ask this question, there 8767 s no possible good argument and you 8767 re wasting your time 8776 . About halfway through the thread someone started saying homosexuality was unnatural and I thought they were going to be the first one to actually answer the question, but at the end they added 8775 But it 8767 s not my place to decide what is or isn 8767 t natural, I 8767 m still pro-gay marriage. 8776

arey shart wali kya baat hai isme..mera bhai jab b chahega jo b he will get(bs gf mat mangna :P)..and even when i will ask same u will do for me chalo hum b ye gun sikhenge in logo se..thank you..only few people are modest u are one of preserve it 😉

Most people who do ROTC didn 8767 t do JROTC. It is probably not true that mentioning JROTC hurts an application to MIT. Harvard doesn 8767 t really have ROTC, but just an arrangement that Harvard students can do it at MIT. It did recently establish a campus presence.

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