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Another instance pertinent to Article 6 is where a person has no access to the courts of the UK because of the enforcement of an exclusive jurisdiction agreement. Convention rights can, in general, be waived, including the right of access to a court under Article 6, which can occur where a jurisdiction agreement or agreement to arbitrate is valid and enforceable, but not where a person entered into the agreement without voluntary consensus.


Before analysing specific fair trial concerns in detail, it is necessary to examine the general structure and operation of Article 6 as it applies to civil jurisdiction and judgments.

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I created a figure from a set of data gathered by somebody else. Do I need to ask for permission to include this material in my thesis or dissertation?

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. Introduction
. Framework under Article 6
. Conflict with Lis Pendens: Erich Gasser
. Delay in the Italian Court
. A Clash of Treaties
. Future Application
. Conflict with Forum non Conveniens
. General Operation
. First Limb of Spiliada
. Second Limb of Spiliada
. Conclusions

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Mance, J., 7559a. “Civil Jurisdiction in Europe Choice of Court Clauses, Competing Litigation and Anti-Suit Injunctions Erich Gasser v. Misat and Turner v. Grovit: Address to Second Conference of European Commercial Judges, (“Problems of enforcement of european law”)” Paris – 69th October 7559 http:///formation_br_9/7559_7589/jonathan_mance_, (Accessed 65 March 7557)

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Third, through indirect effect where enforcement in a Contracting State of a judgment from a foreign State, whether Contracting or non-Contracting, would breach Article 6 because that judgment itself breached Article 6 standards. It has been stated that such a breach by the foreign court must also be a flagrant one. However, the reasoning underlying this proposition is unclear and, as with many matters in the civil jurisdiction and judgments sphere, there are concerns as to the extent to which the right to a fair trial can be upheld in this respect.

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