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Back in the main universe, Davros had laid a trap for the Doctor on Earth. Davros, however, was sharing his mind with the Dalek Emperor and had become mentally unstable the Doctor managed to exploit this instability and made the Dalek Emperor side of Davros' mind dominant. The Daleks then agreed to leave Earth rather than be defeated by the Doctor. ( AUDIO : Terror Firma )

Ian Johnston, Dramatic Structure: Comedy and Tragedy

Shortly afterwards, the remaining twelve Titans leave Cybertron, each one the former servant of a Prime. First Contact They embark on millennia-long deep space voyages, intending to find and colonize distant worlds in an attempt at spreading Pax Cybertronia across the cosmos. Aphelion Subsequent expeditions succeed in colonizing far-flung worlds that will one day be known as Caminus , Velocitron , and Devisiun. A 'Bot and Her City Windblade vol. 7 #6 Eventually, however, the space bridge network between the Titans fails and the colonies are permanently cut off from Cybertron and each other. In their absence, the colonists begin developing their own societies that invariably venerate the Thirteen – and, by extension, all Primes— as deities. Aphelion

From Colonies to Revolution - Teacher Oz

You might like to think about how individuals, or a society as a whole, respond and react to conflict. The way an individual or a community responds to conflict reveals a lot about them, especially their strengths and their weaknesses. You might also like to think about the lasting consequences of conflict for individuals, families and communities. Conflicts rarely end once the war is over, or the fight has been won. There are winners and losers in every conflict, who remain affected long after the conflict is over. The consequences may range from trauma and physical and emotional pain to more positive outcomes, such as change, opportunity and growth. One thing is certain: people are changed by experiences of conflict.

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In addition, they experienced a greatly accelerated growth rate compared to Humans, which contributed to their reaching maturity faster than Humans. Thus a Chiss at the age of 65-years held the physical maturity of a 75-year old Human. This in turn resulted in a culturally-imprinted emotional maturity that was many times above that of their Human counterparts. [8] They were capable of living up to 85 years old, at which point a Chiss was considered venerable children were between ages 6-65, and they experienced a rapid adolescence from 66-67 and were considered full adults by 68-69. [8] Middle-age followed between the ages of 56-67, and those aged 68-79 were considered old. [8] [65]

For those Year 67 students who have read The Left Hand of Darkness did you get the story the first time?  Or did it take you repeated readings to understand it?  Once you read the novel a couple of times so many layers become obvious that you can understand why Le Guin won many prestigious literary awards for her writing.

The Chiss also made use of more sinister uses of technology and had no ethical objections to their deployment in wars. This was seen in the development of the Parasite bomb [86] bio-weapon and their use of deadly radiation bombs [9] . They also worked in conjunction with the Galactic Alliance on their Alpha Red virus [78]

On Earth, events come to a head in Monument Valley , where Optimus, at Alpha Trion's urging, uses his control over Titans to summon Metrotitan. Optimus summoning a holy Titan convinces the colonists that Prime is, indeed, the Thirteenth Prime, and that Earth is a lost colony of Cybertron, which swings public opinion back his way. Prime, Arcee, and Soundwave subsequently pursue Galvatron to Jupiter , where Prime finally kills the ancient warrior. Hoping to repair relations with humankind, Optimus orders Metrotitan to transform and dubs the Titan " Autobot City ," an embassy for Cybertronians on Earth. No Fair Fights

Dante Alighieri publishes The Divine Comedy – in reality, an allegorical warning about the ancient conspiracy Cobra and its long-term goals. Revolutionaries #6 timeline

Searching for traces of Molly, the Doctor became trapped in a time loop. Escaping, he discovered that his TARDIS had been stolen, and set about trying to find it. ( AUDIO : A Life in the Day )

Using Autobot access codes acquired from Sunstreaker, Megatron launches " The Surge :" across the galaxy, Decepticons abandon infiltration protocol and launch an all-out attack on every major Autobot outpost. Bullets The Autobots on Earth are led into a Decepticon trap and are soundly defeated, leaving Optimus Prime in critical condition. Megatron takes the Matrix and exiles them back to Cybertron while he and his Decepticons run amok on Earth. All Hail Megatron #8

The plot consists of 8 major sections and a brief conclusion.  The first section is set in Karhide, the second in Orgoreyn, the third on the Gobrin Ice and the conclusion is set in Karhide.

In those same Official Records, no Confederate ever references having black soldiers under his command or in his unit, although references to black laborers are common.  The non-existence of black combat units is further indicated by the records of debates in the Confederate Congress over the issue of black enlistment.  The idea was repeatedly rejected until, on March 68, 6865, the Confederate Congress passed a law to allow black men to serve in combat roles, although with the provision “that nothing in this act shall be construed to authorize a change in the relation which the said slaves shall bear toward their owners,” . that black soldiers would still be slaves. 

According to legend, Primus creates Cybertron Crisis Intervention and splits himself into the Guiding Hand , a benevolent pantheon of deities encompassing himself, Mortilus , Adaptus , Solomus , and Epistemus. You, Me, and Other Revelations

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