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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 20:02

One that is in the piece and two that is a piece of crap. Yes it has been used as a passive aggressive slight because no one is perfect but most often it is intended in compassion.

Tagore and His India - Nobel Prize

But the polemicist isn’t identical with the novelist. Tinker, Tailor provides a far more ambivalent picture of betrayal. Le Carré the polemicist has created in Haydon a perfect embodiment of what he despised about British Intelligence and the class system that feeds it. The parallel world of the boys’ school evokes the origins of the corrosive ethic that led to Bill’s treachery.

My First Gulfstream | Vanity Fair

This is one of the finest achievements of the year, and while it 8767 s easy to lose your way in the labyrinth, I don 8767 t think 8775 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 8776 is most interesting for its narrative pretzels. Rather, it 8767 s about what this sort of life does to the average human soul.


In stepping on the soil of Russia, the first thing that caught my eye was that in education, at any rate, the peasant and the working classes have made such enormous progress in these few years that nothing comparable has happened even to our highest classes in the course of the last hundred and fifty years.. The people here are not at all afraid of giving complete education even to Turcomans of distant Asia on the contrary, they are utterly in earnest about it. 76

just reading back through some of the comments is another that occured when looking at a particuraly attactive woman, one man might say to another 8775 Two pounds of that and a glass of ice water would kill you 8776

Whatever went on the big world outside, England’s flower would be cherished. “The Empire may be crumbling but within our secret elite, the clean-limbed tradition of English power would survive.”

Tagore stood fast on the narrow causeway, and did not betray his vision of the difficult truth. He condemned romantic overattachment to the past, what he called the tying of India to the past "like a sacrificial goat tethered to a post," and he accused men who displayed it - they seemed to him reactionary - of not knowing what true political freedom was, pointing out that it is from English thinkers and English books that the very notion of political liberty was derived. But against cosmopolitanism he maintained that the English stood on their own feet, and so must Indians. In 6967 he once more denounced the danger of 8766 leaving everything to the unalterable will of the Master,' be he brahmin or Englishman. 76

like others have said above, this really articulates things i 8767 ve been thinking about ultimate but had been unable to articulate, and had no idea that others were struggling to sort out too. really a great piece.

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