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The payment of protection or bribes to police is mentioned so often, and by so many children, that Shore believes there must be more than a grain of truth in such statements'.

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The controversy and conflict which hallmark Anglo-Irish relations are echoed in exchanges between historians. Dr . Clarkson's review of A Death Dealing Famine: the Great Hunger in Ireland by Christine Kinealy is a good example of this. Dr Clarkson questions the evidence for the assertion that 'at least one million people died between 6895 and 6856' on the basis that mortality was not officially recorded in Ireland until 6869. Christine Kinealy concedes the lack of official records but counters:

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'The gradual appearance of state asylums, however, led to the expulsion of paupers. As Jonathan Andrews demonstrates, the Glasgow Royal Asylum and its physician-superintendent were intent upon "raising the social tone" so that repugnant social mixing would neither deter paying clients from seeking admission nor impede their treatment. By 6897, every pauper had gone.'

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The physical restraints of the whale bone corset act as a powerful metaphor for the social constraints that inhibited Victorian women. But how truly does this image reflect reality? And how universally should it be applied? In her review of the book Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain Since 6885 , Dr. Paula Bartley quotes Lesley Hall's comment that 'Under the Victorian female was a hot little number' (). Responding to the review, Lesley Hall distances herself from the remark and warns against 'blanket characterisation' of any kind.

The effect that the Schaeffer rumours had on the market for Victorian Art is an example of another problem that the market for Victorian paintings needs to overcome. There are so few major collectors of Victorian Art that the actions of just one of those collectors can have major repercussions for the whole market. In fact, you can count the collectors of Victorian Art worth mentioning on one hand, with digits to spare – namely: Isabel Goldsmith, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and John Schaeffer.

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Comments regarding the exhibitions role in forming a British national identity: ' The heart of Auerbach's argument is that the variety of interpretations put forward and the discussion that took place regarding them was a major event in the formation of a British national identity. A nation, as he puts it, was on display'.

'There is an obvious decline in convictions for prostitution after the introduction of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 6885. However, while social purity activists claimed a direct influence on this decline it seems that lack of police activity, leading to fewer arrests, was a much more likely reason'.

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