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Understanding Behaviors - Dare to dream, courage to adapt

Date of publication: 2017-08-21 15:14

When he returned to the US, he entered Union Theological Seminary and became friends with one of his teachers, Paul Tillich, the existentialist theologian, who would have a profound effect on his thinking. May received his BD in 6988.

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Moral courage manifests in the workplace when an employee takes a risk or goes the extra mile not necessarily because it benefits him personally, but because it&rsquo s best for the organization. The clerk who stops what he&rsquo s doing to help an elderly customer around the store even though it will make it more difficult to complete his other tasks on time is showing moral courage. The employee who jumps in to help a coworker, even though it may mean working late to complete her daily responsibilities is displaying moral courage.

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When the implications for not changing far outweigh what it will take to realize the desired state, this kind of profound determination will play itself out in four ways:

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But the kind of equanimity required has to be based on vigilant presence of mind, not on indifferent dullness. It has to be the result of hard, deliberate training, not the casual outcome of a passing mood. But equanimity would not deserve its name if it had to be produced by exertion again and again. In such a case it would surely be weakened and finally defeated by the vicissitudes of life. True equanimity, however, should be able to meet all these severe tests and to regenerate its strength from sources within. It will possess this power of resistance and self-renewal only if it is rooted in insight.

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We are learning many new terms that are sometimes difficult to apply to real-life situations. Although behavior is never a clear-cut issue, let’s recap:

I’ll describe each in more detail below, but, in general, think of these as four motivations for changing at a fundamental level. Although it is important to distinguish between these four origins of deep commitment, as far as the metaphor is concerned, the real issue isn’t the motivation driving the change, it is the level of determination demonstrated for leaving what is for what could be .

May says we have to create our own values, each of us individually. This, of course, is difficult to say the least. So we need help, not forced on us, but 8775 offered up 8776 for us to use as we will.

Another definition of will is 8775 the ability to make wishes come true. 8776 Wishes are 8775 playful imaginings of possibilities, 8776 and are manifestations of our daimons. Many wishes, of course, come from eros. But they require will to make them happen! Hence, we can see three 8775 personality types 8776 coming out of our relative supply, you might say, of our wishes for love and the will to realize them. Note that he doesn't actually come out and name them -- that would be too categorical for an existentialist -- and they are not either-or pigeon holes by any means. But he does use various terms to refer to them, and I have picked representative ones.

The result of maintaining things as they are in a burning-platform situation inflicts a grievous cost. Andy’s plight represents circumstances that epitomize a current problem —when people determine that leaping into the scary unknown is expensive, but less so than the costs they face if they continue with things as they are. By no means, however, is this the only reasoning that supports fundamental transformation. 

Someone who displays a genuine burning-platform mindset won’t approach the situation as if finding a remedy is “nice to have” or even something highly desired. A sponsor who demonstrates the kind of commitment the metaphor depicts views change success as non-negotiable. He or she will treat it as an absolute business imperative to achieve the intended realization outcomes. The price for the status quo makes succeeding with change a very personal thing… “Nothing can stand in our way—this initiative must reach its intended outcomes.”

The preceding remarks show that there are two ways of developing the sublime states: first by practical conduct and an appropriate direction of thought and second by methodical meditation aiming at the absorptions. Each will prove helpful to the other. Methodical meditative practice will help love, compassion, joy and equanimity to become spontaneous. It will help make the mind firmer and calmer in withstanding the numerous irritations in life that challenge us to maintain these four qualities in thoughts, words and deeds.

When faced with a stress, real or perceived (and if it is perceived, it actually becomes real), our internal system appraises the situation and concludes that something important is happening here and now! Our nervous system focuses our energy on attention and perception, which then prepares us for action. Modulation means we can adjust the intensity of an incoming stimulus – turn the volume up or down. It allows the nervous system to move easily and quickly from stressing to coping.

To further understand this, we need to look at some important structures of the brain and how they affect arousal levels. Over the millions of years, man’s brain has evolved, presumably an adaptive response to environment, diet, and other stresses. The size of the brain has increased. The position and size of brain lobes have also changed. Some structures such as the cerebral cortex (the thinking part of the brain) were only present in a rudimentary form in earlier man.

After receiving his PhD, he went on to teach at a variety of top schools. In 6958, he edited, with Ernest Angel and Henri Ellenberger, the book Existence, which introduced existential psychology to the US. He spent the last years of his life in Tiburon, California, until he died in October of 6999.

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