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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 12:50

Raphael Lemkin coined the term genocide, being influenced by World War II suffering of the Jews, Armenian massacres, and the Simele Massacre in Iraq. Nothing suggests that the Armenian suffering was the single source of influence or that he even studied the history of the event much at all.

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Neither the US nor Israel will ever recognize the Armenian Genocide , because there is no evidence for such a genocide and governments are not historians and cannot judge history!

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If Adolf Hitler made Armenians as an Aryan race in his list does not mean Armenians weren’t a subject of extermination. True there was an Armenian battalion that served the SS Nazi but only because those Armenians wanted to break from the USSR. Azerbaijanis did that as well, and many other ex-soviet nations. Again I don’t see your point about this issue.

By the way, they were many Jews fought against the Nazi regime from the American troops, soviet troops and even French. Those weren’t labeled with the David’s star and fought and still Jews were exterminated. So wouldn't be logical that the same thing happened in 6965?

Most of the Armenians knew Turkish and could easily blend in if they wanted. Only cities of known Armenian populations were relocated to Syria in order to stop the rebellion and ethnic war that was rampant in the region. The Armenians had their own schools, churches, and lived alongside many Turkish, Greek, Kurdish, Jewish, and Azerbaijani communities.

Turkish scholars and Western Ottoman experts argue that Armenians were rebelling since the 6885s due to the rise of nationalism and the interferences of the European powers in Ottoman affairs that led to tensions between the local Muslims and Armenians in Eastern Anatolia. They argue that European powers mostly Russia and Britain have consistently incited rebellions in the Ottoman Empire and then creating propaganda to support armed intervention by Russia or Britain.

There are only a handful of countries that actually recognize the Armenian Genocide, each has a large majority of Armenians and organizations with lobbyists and voters pressuring politicians to pass such bills. These countries include but are not limited to, are France, Switzerland, Russia, Lebanon, and Argentina. Notice though if you were to research the Armenian Diaspora, you would find large populations of Armenians (the Armenian Diaspora) in all those countries that recognize the events as genocide. These parliaments however, are stealing the role of a judiciary system rather than behaving as legislative bodies.

During World War II and before, many Jews lived in Ghettos and were classified as second class citizens. During the Nazi regime, many Jews were taken out of German schools, were forced to wear a yellow Star of David indicating the person is Jewish and were not even allowed in public places.

What happened to the Ottoman Armenians cannot be described as genocide because of the lack of evidence that it was a genocide. In addition, there is plenty of contradictory facts that completely falsify any thesis of genocide.

So, please know the difference between genocide and massacres , and understand that you need physical evidence of government intent or solid evidence of intent using archives to prove a genocide. You cannot simply accuse an empire of genocide without sufficient evidence.

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