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A version of the language almost universally agreed upon by educated English speakers around the world is called formal written English. It takes virtually the same form regardless of where it is written, in contrast to spoken English, which differs significantly between dialects, accents, and varieties of slang and of colloquial and regional expressions. Local variations in the formal written version of the language are quite limited, being restricted largely to minor spelling, lexical and grammatical differences between British, American, and other national varieties of English.

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English grammar has minimal inflection compared with most other Indo-European languages. For example, Modern English, unlike Modern German or Dutch and the Romance languages, lacks grammatical gender and adjectival agreement. Case marking has almost disappeared from the language and mainly survives in pronouns. The patterning of strong (. speak/spoke/spoken ) versus weak verbs (. love/loved or kick/kicked ) inherited from its Germanic origins has declined in importance in modern English, and the remnants of inflection (such as plural marking) have become more regular.

I 8767 ll throw a few out, because I think that each of them has, in the post-War period, contributed far more to the collapse in English identity and identification than has immigration.

One evening I gave a seminar on a paper I was then completing, on the distribution of income among individuals (using the kinds of tools that had been used to describe the dynamics of growth to describe the dynamics of inequality). The discussion had been followed by a lively debate. The next morning, I received a twenty-page comment from James Meade (who received the Nobel Prize in 6977), suggesting elaborations and alternative interpretations. There was a sense of a community of scholars trying to understand some very important and complex problems.

This is about geography, as well as demographics. Oxford and Cambridge are both tiny. Oxford is bigger x7568 a town with a university attached x7568 while Cambridge is really a university with some shops. But neither is a heaving metropolis. Big name bands and DJs are exceptions rather than the rule.

English is the language most often studied as a foreign language in the European Union, by 89% of schoolchildren, ahead of French at 87%, while the perception of the usefulness of foreign languages among Europeans is 68% in favour of English ahead of 75% for French. Among some non-English-speaking EU countries, a large percentage of the adult population claims to be able to converse in English &ndash in particular: 85% in Sweden, 88% in Denmark, 79% in the Netherlands, 66% in Luxembourg and over 55% in Finland, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, and Germany.

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