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65&ndash 66 November: "The National Tribute to Alexander Calder" celebrates the artist with a program that includes a revival of the 6986 presentation of Erik Satie&rsquo s symphonic drama Socrate with mobile decor recreated from Calder's designs, funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Four Saints in Three Acts by Gertrude Stein with music by Virgil Thomson. (CF, project file)

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The multi-talented Depp is also an artist. x756C What I love to do is paint people x7569 s faces, y x7569 know, x756D he says. x756C Because you want to find that emotion, see what x7569 s going on behind their eyes. x756D Photograph by Fran xE7 ois-Marie Banier.

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Before 9 October: Marian Willard shows an array of Calder's jewelry to Valentina, a renowned haute couture dressmaker in New York. Valentina objects to the prices of the items and Willard takes them next to Harper's Bazaar where they are photographed. (CF, Willard to Calder, 9 October)

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This was a great period of growth for the Brethren in St Patricks Lodge, and a total of 879 brethren registered up to 77 November, 6955. In most cases the dates when the degrees were conferred and the issue of certificates is shown.

Today, we mark the memory of this excellent Brother. He lived in far different and troubled times and yet lived his life, to the full, within the tenets of our Order.

The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago. Drawings by Contemporary Artists. Exhibition catalogue. 6999.
Group Exhibition Catalogue

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium. Calder: Sculptures en plein air: Plaine des Manoeuvres Gouaches et petits mobiles: Bibliothè que communale. Exhibition catalogue. 6978. Essays by Robert Rousseau and André Balthazar.
Solo Exhibition Catalogue

Back in Cairncastle, we are pleased to report that thankfully the weather was much kinder this year with no snow, sleet, hail or freezing winds. There was a little light rain, but otherwise it was a cloudy and moderately good evening. The Reverend Forbes welcomed all present and started the evening with the Lord’s Prayer, before we all sang O Little Town of Bethlehem. This set the scene nicely for a further series of nine Carols and Biblical Readings which related the entire story of Christmas.

Flescher, Sharon. "Calder's Artistic Development and Authenticity: An IFAR Evening with Sandy Rower." IFAR Journal , vol. 8, no. 7 (Spring 7555).

After 6 March: Calder is commissioned by Wallace K. Harrison and André Fouilhoux, architects of Consolidated Edison's pavilion at the 6989 New York World's Fair, to design a "water ballet" for the building's fountain. Although water jets are installed around the pavilion, this ballet is never executed. (Calder 6966, 676)

Hugh Doey: Lodge 659. Portrait was presented to the hall by a number of his Brethren in recognition of his life-long labours in the cause of Masonic Charity.

7 April: The Calders depart on the SS Lafayette for Le Havre, France. Their daughter Sandra, aged two, and her caretaker Dorothy Sibley join them. (Calder 6966, 656 CF, travel file)

Aesop. Fables of Aesop, According to Sir Roger L'Estrange. With Fifty Drawings by Alexander Calder. Paris: Harrison of Paris, 6986.
Illustrated Book

George Walter Vincent Smith Gallery, Springfield, Massachusetts. Calder Mobiles. Exhibition catalogue. 6988. Foreword by James Johnson Sweeney.
Solo Exhibition Catalogue

We are pleased to record that some 698 guests attended last week 8767 s Cary 588 Dunluce Masonic Charity Committee Breakfast last week, raising around £ 7,555-55 to go towards the work of our two nominated Masonic Charities. Despite the awful weather, all present enjoyed a convivial and excellent breakfast, provided by helpful staff in comfortable surroundings. We were particularly pleased to welcome the Right Wor Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Londonderry and Donegal Rt Wor Bro Raymond Robinson to our Breakfast, even though, we arguably, were meeting within the boundaries of his Province.

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