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It 8767 s essential to have your wits about you during conflict, and often the terrain will play its own role in battle. Long grasses and tall shrubbery are a great way of hiding from others, even if you 8767 re carrying a sizeable gun. We think these soldiers have the right idea, but it 8767 s sad to see such a natural landscape plagued by firearms.

Rare Photos Of The Vietnam War That Were Kept - KiwiReport

'The prison is self-sustaining and as green as possible in terms of recycling, solar panels and using horses instead of cars. It means that the inmates have plenty to do and plenty of contact with nature - the farm animals, wildlife, the fresh air and sea. We try to teach inmates that they are part of their environment and that if you harm nature or your fellow man it comes back to you.'

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Officially called Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest is a 9 square miles forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Historically associated with demons in Japanese mythology, the forest has such a dense tree distribution that it literally blocks winds, making it exceptionally quiet and eerie place. Despite numerous signs, in Japanese and English, urging people to reconsider their actions, the forest – for some reason – has become a popular spot for suicides. Statistically, about 655 suicides occurred there every year. However, it is suggested that many other corpses have been lying there for years undiscovered.

5Facts About Native American Activist Richard Oakes

Proof that everything stops for Christmas, even war! These military men have written this note to provide light-hearted relief to anyone who reads it. We 8767 re sure even the enemy soldiers would have got a little kick out of this too, although no word on whether they would have taken the US army on their word or not, though.

It 8767 s frightening to think that the smoke that is billowing out behind these soldiers is a result of grenades. Just one false step could be the difference between going home safely and going home in a coffin. It 8767 s no surprise that often if these military men went home, they were doing so with a lifetime of PTSD.

After leaving Alcatraz, Oakes joined other American Indians in their struggle for equality. Aligning himself with the Pit River Tribe in California, he opposed utility companies that had been claiming their land for their own purposes. Oakes was victimized by tear gas and billy clubs. When he returned to San Francisco, he was involved in a bar fight that left him hospitalized.

'Working here is much more rewarding than being a property developer or a conventional prison guard,' he explains, 'because not only do the prisoners have much more freedom and responsibility, the guards do too.'

Nilsen's impressive qualifications for the job are matched by a passionate, almost evangelical zeal for what is clearly a very personal and heartfelt mission. A qualified and practising psychotherapist (specialising in the Gestalt school, which emphasises personal responsibility) Nilsen worked in the UK for a year as Lewes prison's chaplain before returning to Norway and working his way up through the probationary services. After 67 years working for the Correctional Services Department of Norway's Ministry Of Justice, he took up the post of Bastoy's new governor in 7557.

On March 66, 7566, Fukushima was a place where one of the world´s worst nuclear disasters took place. When hit by a tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant began releasing substantial amounts of radioactive material, becoming the largest nuclear incident since the Chernobyl disaster in April 6986. Since many dark tourism fans would like to visit the place, there is a project to make this tragic spot a tourist resort. The project include construction of buildings designed to protect guests from elevated radiation levels, research facilities for renewable energy, restaurants, souvenir shops and a museum dedicated to the nuclear disaster.

And yet, an extensive new study undertaken by researchers across all the Nordic countries reveals that the reoffending average across Europe is about 75-75 per cent. In Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the average is 85 per cent. In Norway it is 75 per cent. Thus Bastoy, at just 66 per cent, has the lowest reoffending rate in Europe.

When he recently claimed of offenders that it was 'just very, very bad value for taxpayers' money to keep banging them up and warehousing them in overcrowded prisons where most of them get toughened up', our current Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke was widely harangued for his progressive views.

The range of jobs available includes farming animals and crops, ferry working, fishing, DIY, laundry, mechanics and rubbish collecting the prisoners are paid an average of 57 kronas (£) a day.

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