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* Speaking of clothes, I want to share this new find with you!  I recently stumbled on a site called ModCloth when I was looking for a dress with a vintage flair.  They have great stuff!  It reminded me of Anthropologie a bit (probably my favorite store!), but their clothes were much more affordable, and the selection is enormous!  You 8767 ll have to check it out!  It will definitely be a site I will frequent now when I 8767 m looking for something unique!

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Sometimes I write a quick note to myself and indicate the date my daughter did something so I can go back and fill that in later (you think you 8767 ll always remember, but you won 8767 t!)  There are certain pages (such as our family tree) that I may not fill out for years, but I will get to it eventually!!  And on each girl 8767 s first birthday, I always write a heartfelt note in the front of the book, and then give it to her as a very special gift from mom.  (Even if I don 8767 t actually finish the book for five more years!)  :)

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Turn an open display shelf into triangular storage niches for just a few dollars. Add intersecting 6x boards, as shown, to one or more shelf sections to create attractive, angular storage that works well for displaying and storing everything from wine to rolled cloth napkins.

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I was looking for ideas that were fairly simple to set up, didn 8767 t cost a fortune, and (probably most important) used creativity to solve this common household dilemma. I mean it doesn 8767 t take a lot of creativity to have a team come in and design you a custom wall unit for your gift wrapping pleasure (which is what a lot of the big magazines offer.) But it DOES take creativity to turn a wicker laundry hamper into gift wrap station extraordinaire!

I think all of us love to be organized, whether we admit it or not.  Let 8767 s face it, there is so much less stress in life when things aren 8767 t a complete debacle.

My friends think I am a sight when I am using my headset, but that 8767 s efficiency at its finest, people!!  :)  My family is used to it, however.  Below is a picture of my daughter years ago pretending to use my headset.  Because the cord would sometimes snag on kitchen knobs, I would always stick it in my bra!!  So apparently that 8767 s how she thought it was supposed to be worn!  Works like a charm!!  (Speaking of bras, this is the best bra made in the history of the world.  Doing my duty as a woman to tell you about this!  Back fat, be gone!!)

I love this idea!  Our older daughters have had the same first grade teacher, and at the end of the school year in first grade, their teacher helped them put together a time capsule to be opened when they graduate from high school.  Parents, siblings, relatives, etc. could send in notes, pictures, and trinkets anything that might help bring your child back to first grade in their mind.  The teacher writes a note as well.

This is the system I use for all my daughters.  The tie racks hang low enough in their closets so they can reach.  It 8767 s not a perfect solution since it has to be fairly balanced, but it 8767 s better than tucking them inside kids 8767 jewelry boxes (what they had been doing before).  No more tangled necklaces!  You could also nail a tie rack like this up somewhere (maybe inside the closet?) then it wouldn 8767 t move on you.

WOWZERS !!! I just spend the most productive few hours thisp morning on your site getting such great ideas that to I never even thought of. Thank you for all the great ways to keep myself and my family organized. Well done

5. Use large decorative hooks to hang curtain rods. You can get the curtains you want without drilling a single hole! (If you can’t find the decorative hooks, you can always get one of the plainer hooks and spray paint it!)

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