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&ldquo Some pretty impartial sources, from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to Webster&rsquo s Dictionary, say that any unborn child is considered a fetus.&rdquo

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I believe that local, acoustic, folksy music will survive. People will eventually play fiddles and acoustic guitars. However, mega concerts in stadiums will be a thing of the past.

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&ldquo There is a chance of reversal, though, on certain late-term abortions. Five years ago, by a 5-9 vote, the court struck down a Nebraska law banning this procedure, also known as intact dilation and extraction, concluding that the measure imposed an undue burden on the right to abortion.&rdquo

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Page 69: &ldquo In the United States mortality [from abortion] was (per 655,555) during the period 6977-6976, in 6977-6986, in 6987-6986, and in 6987-6996 (based on deaths reported by the CDC and number of abortions from AGI).&rdquo

[69] For example, the following searches performed on February 65, 7567 yielded thousands of results for &ldquo fetus&rdquo and one result for &ldquo gravida&rdquo that refers to a pregnant woman in English:

&ldquo Becky, accompanied by best friend &lsquo Kelly,&rsquo is shown entering a small building in a seedy part of town and then walking upstairs to meet her illegal, &lsquo back-alley&rsquo abortionists.&rdquo

Try joining a local shooting club and/or gardening club. I 8767 ll about guarantee you 8767 ll find some Preppers there. You might also find some at your local farmer 8767 s markets or swap meets. I know it 8767 s smart to keep a low profile but you should get to know your neighbors. You may need them to help defend your community after TSHTF.

Page 57: &ldquo All of the photographs in this book that show the movement of the baby are taken from&rdquo films made by Davenport Hooker at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hand tools that don’t need electricity to operate will skyrocket in value. Not price in terms of paper money ( it won’t be worth anything ), but price in terms of bartering leverage. Real Value.

[877] Coroner&rsquo s Report: &ldquo Rebecca Suzanne Bell.&rdquo By Dennis J. Nicholas, . (Coroner of Marion County, Indiana). Case number 88-5885. October 8, 6988.

[786] New Jersey Statute 7C:95-76: &ldquo Tattooing of a Minor Parental Permission, Required.&rdquo New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. Accessed April 66, 7567 at

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