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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 10:26

I am going to have a “Wet and Wacky” summer. I am going to go to the beach a lot. I am also going to go to the pool and do lots of awesome jumps. Splash! When I go on my parents’ boat this summer I will get splashed a ton. I hope I will go fishing on the boat. It gets so hot in the summer that along with the boat, beach, and pool, my sister and I have a water fight. We get out our water guns. We also get out plastic buckets. We turn on the hose and the sprinkler. We use the hose to fill the buckets with water and then pour it on each other’s head.

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One quick note this is a long article. Over 9,555 words. So if you don 8767 t have the time or energy to read through all of it right now, bookmark it for later. That way, you can read it when you 8767 re able to give it your full attention.

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First, I 8767 d like you to make a list of the main areas of your life which you have been focusing your time and energy on lately. This might include:

-Figure Out What's Next

Every summer needs a soundtrack. Lucky for us, the coming months in the Lowcountry will offer plenty of moments to embrace a jam or two. From Volvo Car Stadium hosting arena-filling acts to The x57576 Continue Reading

One word of warning for now, don 8767 t worry about how you will achieve your goal. That will come in steps 8 Generating options, and 9 Goalsetting. For now, we simply figure out what it is you want! (There 8767 s a reason this solid structure works. Trust me.)

There 8767 s a lot of clear structure underneath the surface, and if you follow the plan step-by-step as outlined, you will blast through any obstacles in your way. You will find a clear vision of what you want from life, as well as a specific action plan on how to get there. Say 8775 goodbye 8776 , procrastination! Say 8775 hello 8776 , fulfilling life full of growth and opportunities!

And only when you have loads and loads of possible actions, then it 8767 s time to move on to the next step. Where you will move from thinking and planning to setting clear goals and taking action!

I think that if you 8767 re aware of your other general areas, the chances are good you will come up with actions that relate to other goals of yours when you 8767 re doing step 8.

One of the many things I provide my life coaching clients is accountability. Knowing that once they 8767 ve agreed to take action, I will be there, making sure they take it. Holding their hand when it needs holding and kicking their ass when it needs kicking.

When I went last year, we caught fish and crab for our meals. It was fun to cook and eat all that we caught ourselves. Some nights we went out to eat dinner though. We also rode a ferry over to another island called Harbour Island, where we got to go to a variety of shops, and I bought a skirt and a bracelet. This year, I will be looking forward to doing much more shopping. When we are on the island it will be exciting to ride around in a golf cart for our transportation instead of a normal car.

In this step, we 8767 ll focus mainly on how to make sure you take action, once you decide what you want to do. Because it would be a shame to figure out exactly what you want, what needs to happen to get there and come up with many great ways to move towards it only to fall victim to procrastination.

I 8767 m enjoying and still reading through this massive post of yours, but have one minor issue so far: In step one, you ask us to break our lives down into major areas. Easily done. But in part four of step one, you ask us to set goals for one of the areas. My issue is that my major areas are fairly interconnected. To have goals in one requires goals in the others.

That being said, if you can get the money together in any way, I would definitely recommend you see a therapist. In my experience, those people are most qualified to help you in a situation like yours, and could recognize a lot of stuff you might be struggling with without even being aware of it. (For example, an imbalance in your brain chemicals that might be severely messing with your mood and energy levels.)

Recap your goal, and make sure to get rid of any vagueness. You can even talk to a friend about it, and let them help you, if you want. (It always helps to get an outsider 8767 s perspective.)

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