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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 12:50

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Bottom line : There are no clear-cut guidelines for choosing your brand’s colors. “It depends” is a frustrating answer, but it’s the truth. However, the context you’re working within is an essential consideration. It’s the feeling, mood, and image that your brand or product creates that matters.

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Fallout from the CT thrashing by when does the captain decide who the coach is?Kumble has taken India to top of the Test rankings and the CT final,if Kohli has personal problems with him,then India should appoint someone else as captain.

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continued.. final part , followed by 65. Dravid's call on need to include finger spinners, on Yuvi and Dhoni.. Do all these events fall in to a fine chain and appear well connected ? Does these events reflect what Kumble would have wanted and why Kohli and senior players would have felt uncomfortable ? I switched off my TV after a few overs of Indian batting in CT final. Was at a loss to understand how the team just gave it up so easily against this opponent. Didnt read anything in Cricinfo in the first 9 days that followed CT final. But I guess now I understand WHY we failed. I do understand WHY someone as committed as Kumble resigned immediately after CT and didnt bother to carry on till his final assignment or consider reapplying. SAD Day this.

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this is unfortunate. He was a fighter and it surprises me that kohli came up with apparently a preposterous reason that the coach style was intimidating. Kohli is a great batsmen. but to be honest as non indian viewer i believe he not as mature as people think he is. he needs to be more mature in captaincy. they way he carry himself doesn't look good on captain. his gestures his celebration. may be I am wrong but that is my observation. In crunch situation he seem to be completed dependent on dhoni. kumble resign might hurt india.

That's why I think Tom Moody is the best option out of the 5 remaining candidates who have applied. A successful international coach and a good manager.

You know what, reading all the comments here proves that noone is with Kohli on this one, including me. With the kind of money these guys make off of fans watching them play, it would only be fair that there is accountability in the system. But it sounds like everybody in the team just wants a license to underperform once in a while in key events and not be told about it?

In our sports arena the coach is not treated with respect as in other countries. For us it is the players who is more important and powerful. In other countries players who do not perform or those who have overstayed would be dropped. But not here. The player would be given option to retire when he feels like and even choose the venue where he will call it a day. Of course this does not apply to all but only to some chosen players.

So, in the battle between Ganguli and Chappell cricket board picked Chappell to take side for. And here we can see the opposite. I wonder what would be the standard to take side for !

Between a brash, arrogant superstar.. and a humble servant, who's a legend with an unbelievable work ethic, BCCI chose to side with the former. Says a lot about their approach to the game. Thanks a zillion Jumbo. Indian cricket doesn't deserve you.

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