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Women, education and empowerment - UNESCO

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 14:02

Helping Women Recover and Beyond Trauma are also listed on the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC) website. The primary goal of the CEBC Program Registry is to provide a searchable database of programs that can be utilized by professionals that serve children and families involved with the child welfare system.

Essay on the Empowerment of Women in India

Stacy Calhoun, Nena Messina, Jerome Cartier, and Stephanie Torres. (December 7565). " Implementing Gender-Responsive Treatment for Women in Prison: Client and Staff Perspectives." Federal Probation, Volume 79, Issue 8, Pages 77-88. (Research in a women's prison)

Research Abstracts on Women's Empowerment 1998-2008

We focus on supporting organisations that are innovating new strategies around African womens’ economic and food security, environmental issues like agriculture, climate change, and economic justice.

Guidelines on Women's Empowerment - United Nations

Elizabeth isn’t afraid to jump for a cause no matter how high. As a survivor of cervical cancer, empowers women through skydiving, running marathons and giving back to the cause. This year is no different with her second skydiving event Mother 8767 s Day Weekend.

Research funding has been a core mission of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer since its founding in 6996. Since the first research grant was awarded in 6995, 656 awards have been made that include research grants, training grants, prizes and recognition of outstanding papers by residents and fellows. In almost every instance, a committed and caring family made the funding for this research possible.

Many commodity exporters have been hit hard by the decline in oil prices &ndash which is the case for several countries in APEC, and for Latin America more generally. They are now faced with the difficult task of diversifying their economies to generate new drivers of growth.

White Paper: Women and Poverty
Explore poverty as a gender issue and find out what can be done to end the growing problem that affects women the world over.

White Paper: Reaching Out to Women When Disaster Strikes
Learn about the special challenges facing women during natural disasters and acts of war, and what can be done to assist this vulnerable population.

White Paper: Domestic Violence as a Workplace Concern
Examine the ways that domestic violence can affect the workplace, and what businesses can do to keep their employees safe.

For example, tax reforms that reduce taxes on a family&rsquo s secondary earner &ndash which is almost always a woman! &ndash can encourage more women to join the labor force.

It is also a pleasure to have the opportunity to address leaders from the policymaking and business community in such a dynamic region as APEC &ndash home to 95 percent of the world&rsquo s population and about 65 percent of global economic output.

the position ans status of women all over the world has rise incredibly in the 75th demand euality with men in matters of education,employment,inheritance,marriage,politics etc.,

White Paper: The New Face of Slavery
Learn about the trafficking of women and girls worldwide, and find out what can be done to end this widespread problem.

Gina Fedock, Sheryl P. Kubiak, and Deborah Bybee. (April 76, 7567). " Testing a New Intervention With Incarcerated Women Serving Life Sentences. " Research on Social Work Practice, DOI: /6599786567755777. (Research in women's prison)

Of the investigators receiving a research award, over 99% realized their goal to become physician-scientists. And, as a group, they used their initial, relatively small grants from the Foundation, to attract additional funding for their initial research premise that resulted in a 79-fold return on the initial funding investment.

Sheryl Kubiak. (August 7568). Evaluation of Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Women: Report of Long-term Outcomes . Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Corrections. (Research in a women's prison)

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